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M_M Minimalism of Maximalists

The key concept that guides the trends for the next Autumn Winter 2021-22 almost seems like a paradox. It is the discovery of the Minimalism of Maximalists.

Maximalism is a strong style, consisting of mixed patterns, excessive but well-designed collections and saturated colours.

Minimalism, it strong counterpart, encourages minimalization, promoting the indispensable and strictly necessary.

For minimalists, less is more. Which leads to white walls and white furniture to create a calm and beautiful atmosphere by returning to the basics. For Maximalists, more is more. Which means adding as many colours and patterns as possible and creating beauty through the great variety and quantity of motifs and decorations.

The upcoming trends will have to find a way to bring out a neutral genre, characterised by essentiality, within a hyper-decorative taste.

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Trends Forecasting A/W 21/22

Arsutoria’s trend forecast is back. Despite the difficulties created by Covid-19 pandemic, we are ready to present our trend analysis for AW 21/22, giving origin to the first online appointment (webinar mode), in which Orietta Pelizzari, Carlo Sorrenti and Maria Cristina Rossi will present future trends, fashion analysis and materials innovations for the autumn/winter 21/22 season.
An appointment with unmissable previews, that you can live comfortably from your home: see what happened at the online event in partnership with Satra.



The brief introduces concepts and colors, which turn into moodboards made with materials developed by Arsutoria Trend Partners.

Themes: Mini - Balanced - Maxi

The right balance between Minimalism and Maximalism can be found by applying various nuances that mark and represent different interpretations. The MINI theme explores those hidden little details capable of reinventing minimalism.
The BALANCED theme focuses on creating beauty in a natural way, a beauty that will last a lifetime. It looks for balance between structure and finish. The MAXI theme teaches us how even excesses can be sober and well-thought-out, where the assemblage of ornaments is intelligent and intellectual.

Color Palette

The autumn and winter colour palette is very varied. It touches dramatic tones while also immersing itself in natural conceptual tones. It is not short on colours that explore the various dark faces of black to then return to nature, in this case, more primitive, with references to stone and metal.



The analysis of the fashion shows that anticipate the collections for the Autumn Winter 2020/21 allow us to identify some interesting strands to consider when thinking about future winter collections. Urban sub-cultures mix with the couture spirit, while graphic games (stripes, polka dots, camouflage) push themselves to characterize the looks. Do not leave behind a marked return to traditional classics.

man catwalks

The analysis of the men’s fashion shows for the Fall Winter 2020/21 season allow us to identify some important topics to be taken into consideration also for the evolution of future trends. From the images of the men’s catwalks, the desire to recover the past to break its patterns emerges, to imagine strong looks thanks to a reinterpretation of military taste, to play with colors, focusing so much on nuances. Clearly very warm materials such as wool, felts and velvets will be preferred. Sports and westerns will surprise.

woman catwalks

Two very characteristic decorative elements manage to obtain the “wow” effect for the next autumn/winter 20-21 and their influence will certainly be felt in the following seasons: fringes and chains are in the foreground.
Wools and felts are interpreted in a warm and soft key, while the quilted makes its way along with super-tight boots and a decidedly retro taste.


shoes and bags volumes

Women’s shoes are still characterized by incredibly high and massive soles. The boots blend in like a second skin. The male approach aims to renew the classics.
Very minimized volumes for some of the female bag models, almost miniatures to imitate the “older/bigger” sisters, who instead allow themselves “inside-out” effects or focus on very clean and very geometric lines. Men’s leather goods, on the other hand, play with an elegance capable of reinventing themselves through details out of the ordinary or thanks to a sporty spirit.


vision lab

How do you manage to make traditionally simple materials in terms of workmanship and appearance (minimalism) more elaborate and enriched by details capable of embellishing, intriguing, capturing people’s gaze (maximalism)? The exclusive and unpublished research of the VISION LAB project starts from this question. The collaboration between the Arsutoria research team and the companies in the sector that operate on the market every day has led to the creation of this variegated ‘collection’.

market selection

Some important themes, which emerged from the Autumn / Winter catwalks, are re-proposed to the market in the form of trendy materials.
It starts from the reinterpretation of the classics to travel to the reinterpretations of military atmospheres. Shades applied to different tones, as well as elegant quilting, move the surfaces. The trendy use of warm materials and chains is very interesting.


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