The historical magazines of ARSUTORIA and ARPEL

the quintessence of shoes and bags magazines

More and more designers are interested in this enormous source of information and useful inspiration for their collections. But inspiration is not the only purpose of such a unique resource: our historical archives are also useful for design disputes and biographical and corporate research.
For these reasons, we have made our historical archives available for offline and online consultation.

How can you consult our historical archives?

The consultation can take place at our office in Milan or online. It is also possible to receive a print of our historical issues, with the possibility to print them on request. The price varies according to the number of pages requested and the historical magazine selected. The magazines will be sent directly to your address by express courier.

The consultation can take place at our office in Milan.


Our Historical Archive is also available for onlice access.

Online Access

It is possible to re-print our magazines on request.


You can use our Historical Archive for your custom research.



Shoes magazines since 1947

Bags magazines since 1965

For more information about the Historical Archive services, to subscribe, to request re-print, to know how to consult the Archives and for any other needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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