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Sustainability and responsibility are the key factors behind Lanxess' success. Lanxess is the leading chemicals company based in Cologne with 14,300 employees in 33 countries. The company’s progress has always been driven by customer needs, which is why Lanxess is able to provide innovative solutions for products, materials and services. During the development of new materials, there is no lack of technology, in fact thanks to the artificial intelligence Lanxess is able to reduce product development time.

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Founded in 1957, Dermochimica S.p.A. has grown alongside the Italian tanning tradition, combining direct experience in the tannery with technological and applicative research. It has established itself as a competent partner for Italian tanneries and emerging foreign realities, a functional bridge between the millenary tanning art and the contemporary creativity of fashion. The heart of Dermochimica’s activity is based on innovative and modern production plants, the creation of chemical products from selected raw materials and the customization requested by the customer.

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Fratelli Carlessi

Fratelli Carlessi started his activity as an engineering company in 1925, then in 1953 he began to specialize in the construction of machines and plants for tannery. In 2009 Fratelli Carlessi joined Erretre, a company with which he has collaborated since the 70s for the development of technology in leather finishing. This has given a new impulse to the company, with the updating of the entire range of products and the development of revolutionary new technologies, always maintaining the attitude to innovation and constant improvement of its products.

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Since 1981 Dermacolor has been working in the tanning sector, where it has specialised in the production of tanning chemicals and leather processing. Development and research are the driving force of the company: Dermacolor wants to be the reference point in the local tanning district and become one for all companies in the sector that are looking for chemical products for leather processing. The strong point is the research and development department that operates in equipped and avant-garde laboratories, where through safe chemical formulations and in compliance with current standards, it produces chemical products that meet the requirements of customer companies.

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