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Arsutoria 451, main sponsors:

Tacchificio Villa Cortese

Tacchificio Villa Cortese was founded in 1961 by the founders Pietro Sigolo and Luigi Gazzardi who, thanks to his long experience as a heel modeller, kept the reins of the company as sole owner after a few years. The wooden heel remained the main focus until the end of the 70s, when the production of plastic models began. Today the Villa Cortese heel factory boasts the production of stiletto heels with steel, ABS, polystyrene, plexiglass, moplen, wood and other materials; plateau and under heels in the various compounds, is intended for high fashion and ready-to-wear.

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Thanks to a unique technology and a line of innovative formulas, XL EXTRALIGHT® represents the benchmark of excellence in the sector. Today XL EXTRALIGHT® innovates indiscriminately in the Footwear and Foam Design sectors guaranteeing the same quality and properties, bringing the benefits of its technologies to dozens of markets in the name of lightness. The entire production cycle is designed and engineered to limit production waste, also using clean energy from proprietary photovoltaic systems. Every component of XL EXTRALIGHT® products is analyzed and controlled according to the highest safety standards.

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The CZ Plus series is the third generation of Comelz cutting machines. After the CM series of 2001 and the CZ of 2009, the 2019 CZ Plus series represents the biggest step forward ever made by Comelz. The ability to continuously propose innovative products is also the result of direct contact with the markets. For this reason Comelz has long been engaged in a process of internationalization that has already led to the creation of children in Europe, India, China, Vietnam, Colombia and Brazil, where the modern headquarters is located in Novo Hamburg, the headquarters for all of South America.

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Apego is the reference point in the high tech sector of footwear moulds, it exports 90% of its production to over 20 countries and counts among its customers the most important national and international footwear companies. The strength of Apego is therefore represented by its ability to provide a service in addition to the product. The term consultancy takes on a concrete meaning in the company: ideas, advice and technical specifications are provided to the Customer to support him in every decision and suggest the necessary solutions to achieve excellent results.
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