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Arpel 224, main sponsors:


The company has always had a mantra: not following trends, but inspiring them. This is what drives C.D.C. people to express their creativity to the maximum, and put it at the service of customers. Every day the work is inspired by continuous research, innovation and product development, always looking for new challenges.

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Fimma is the place where the material is shaped and shaped thanks to the passion, manual skills and experience of trusted, competent and specialized people. The most updated technologies allow the creation of a wide range of products, such as Sincro accessories, a product with an impeccable design, where technical and aesthetic requirements blend with meticulous harmony.

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Caligola4, Cleopatra, St-Plus – the Cad Suite in Comelz is to be applauded. A complete set of tools to suit every design, from shoes to leather, with a big advantage: complete cost control. Made in Italy, global awareness and international experience are the keys to Comelz’s success.

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Via La Moda

The combination of creative talent, discipline and craftsmanship have created a luxury brand that is able to adapt to different market segments. All with a strong sense of artistic authenticity. Hence the Ariel Handbag product, made of ostrich leather supplied by Cape Karoo International.

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