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CDC srl, Florentine excellence for the production of decorative metal chains, not precious ones, for the Luxury market, produces chains both mechanically and manually, with the most modern equipment actually on the market, and printed components too. 
C.D.C. does not want to follow trends, but to inspire them. This is what moves the company to fully express its creativity, and to put it at its customers service.


The brand Sincro, which is dedicated to metal accessories for the high fashion segments of clothing, leather goods and footwear, is borne out of Fimma’s success consolidated over the years. Each piece is designed and manufactured to be aligned with and satisfy the needs of high fashion: creativity, passion and maximum attention to detail ensure that unique and high-performing products come to fruition. The collaboration with experts and industry luminaries allows the brand to keep pace with the most critical needs of a constantly evolving market.


The CZ Plus series is the third generation of Comelz cutting machines. After the CM series of 2001 and the CZ of 2009, the 2019 CZ Plus series represents the biggest step forward ever made by Comelz. The ability to continuously propose innovative products is also the result of direct contact with the markets. For this reason Comelz has long been engaged in a process of internationalization that has already led to the creation of children in Europe, India, China, Vietnam, Colombia and Brazil, where the modern headquarters is located in Novo Hamburg, the headquarters for all of South America.


Founded in 1970 as an artisan company, M.L.M grew over the years to become the largest producer of magnetic closures for leather goods in the world. Over time it has continued to innovate with the acquisition of know-how and technology for the production of pins, studs and corner-pieces for bags and leather goods in general. Today M.L.M offers a range running from trendy buckles to carabiners, rings for shoulder straps, closures for bags, purses and folders, to all kinds of chains, up to the most sought after metal accessories and parts.
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