MMC Colombo

  Via Della Guastalla 1, 20122, Milano, 1
  +39 0332 333 801

MMC Colombo is a company that produces metal accessories for leather goods.

Established in 1985, it still retains its family structure over the course of three generations. This is one of the factors that still provides one of the peculiarities of the structure: the stability of teamwork. This allows the protection and continuity of all the knowledge of experiences that arise within the Company and which constitute its main asset.

The lean and elastic production structure allows MMC Colombo to be extremely responsive to the needs of our customers, especially those that give rise to the personalization, enabling timely and very quick executions, with a special attention to introduce innovation and diversification in the creations.

Sector Production
COMPONENTSmetal hardware/accessories/zips
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