Kiefer Von Zoe

  Via Po 41, 20015, Parabiago, Italy
  +39 0331 422.868

Kiefer Von Zoe produces a wide range of materials for the most important luxury footwear manufacturers of  high heels and very high heels.

At the cutting edge in the production of high quality materials for the production of footwear mounting soles with and without metal foil, Kiefer Von Zoe’s products range from technical fibers for the assembly of insoles to foams, from regenerated leather to insoles and soles up to the last line for the production of layered heels.

In the field of sustainability, the two leading products by Kiefer Von Zoe are:

  • KPB: a 100% pure cellulose cardboard without chemicals and therefore completely biodegradable
  • NPU GREEN: the evolution of KPB whose pure cellulose is subjected to a vulcanization process which gives the product greater stability and torsional resistance than any other material currently on the market, while maintaining the characteristics of biodegradability and recyclability.

The company is based in Parabiago (in the province of Milan), in one of the most high-end Italian footwear districts.

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