Italhide S.p.A.

  Via Mauro Macchi 35, 20124, Milano, 1

They distribute and produce precious leather for accessories, shoes, leather-goods, upholstery and apparel, offering their customers the widest variaty of items and treatments to satisfy the fashion world requirements, even the most extravagant ones.

The story
1948The parent company of Itahide, Ceipemsa, forms with the idea of offering high quality leathers made by foreign tanners to Italian manufacturers of leather goods, gloves and shoes.

1955A subsidiary of Ceipemsa, Italcei, forms which focuses on the distribution of classic leather on trading bases with tanneries represented by Ceipemsa and other suppliers all over the world for exotic leathers.

1987Italhide forms and incorporates the Italcei activities.

1999Ceipemsa is incorporated into the Italhide family bisinesses. Italhide now adds the role of a classic leather supplier on agency bases to its portfolio.

By sourcing leather all over the world and representing these high quality tanners, Italhide becomes the only company able to offer a wide variaty of luxury materials as well as a high degree of customization on special items for its customer base.

2007Italhide launches its own finishing operation after investing in new dedicated machinery and equipment and hiring leather technicians to work in its new tannery located outside of Milan.
This move reflects Italhide’s desire to respond rapidly and effectively to the requests of most demanding customers looking for “tailor made” products by directly controlling all the production phases and experimenting new and innovative techniques on a wide variety of exotic materials like no other operator can offer today in the market.

Sector Production
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