Av. Paulo Roberto C. Coelho 2061, 14403-200, Franca, Brazil
  +55 16 3711.7500

Founded in 1971 in Franca, in the state of São Paulo, the Brazilian brand of Francajel has been producing footwear that is renowned for its quality and comfort for the last 45 years.

The adventure of Francajel first began in a small artisanal laboratory, which gradually grew over time into a solid industrial reality, and today, it employs around one-hundred employees, with a daily production capacity of 8,500 pairs.

The specialized workforce and advanced technology used in the company’s modern facilities allow Francajel to create products that stand out for their style and comfort: the high quality of the leathers, expert construction, and attention to detail make the proposal of this Brazilian company unique. These requirements are renewed in the Spring-Summer 2017 collection. The range of men’s footwear is suited to every kind of occasion, from the most formal events to casual and sportswear; while the women’s “Frattina” line is characterized by a classic contemporary style and comfort that makes them suitable for wearing all day long.

Francajel footwear is distributed in five continents, with its largest distribution networks located in South America, Europe, North America, and China: an international circulation that testifies to the quality of its footwear, as well as the excellent pricequality ratio. Promoted at the main international trade fairs of reference, the latest Francajel products will be the protagonists of the next editions of theMICAM in Milan, FN Platform in Las Vegas, and Couromoda, Francal, Zero Grao, and Sicc in Brazil.


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