C.T. Point S.p.A.

  S.s. 263, Km 26 Z.i., 66010, Rapino, Italy

C.T. Point is a leading company in the production of high tenacity monofilament braided, and twisted yarn in polyester and nylon for footwear and luxury leather goods, upholstered furnishings and other technical sectors.

The company is characterized for its quality and range of products, for its high manufacturing flexibility and personalized services to customers, thanks to an efficient management of the plant and warehouses and the independent development of new machinery and projects for innovative yarns, which have made C.T. Point’s brand known in Italy and abroad, exporting its products in over 50 countries around the world.

All articles are produced using high quality raw materials, supplied by the main producers in Europe, with quality systems accredited to EN ISO 9001 (threads, chemicals, waxes, dyes, lubricants etc..). Smaller suppliers of consumables are also qualified to meet the acceptance criteria of C.T. Points S.p.A. Quality System.

It is therefore ensured the maximum constancy of quality of all the yarns both in polyester and nylon, the fibers are already chosen in function of the excellent mechanical characteristics and that optimize performance as sewing threads. For further information data sheets are available for each product line.

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