Conceria Montebello

  Via Lungochiampo 123, 36054, Montebello Vicentino, Italy

Giuseppe Dalle Mese left for France to seek his fortune and found work in a wire drawing factory in Le Havre. In 1950, after 5 years of hard work and effort, and with the ambition of starting his own enterprise, Giuseppe got on his bike and decided to return to Arzignano, his hometown.

In 1967, his willpower, entrepreneurial spirit and solid experience led him to found Conceria Montebello.

A company that today produces bovine, full grain and suede leathers for the fashion world. In collaboration with the most prestigious brands, it designs and manufactures both basic and sophisticated items, suited for clothing, leather goods, footwear and interior design.

Research, technology and creativity team up with the natural material, leather, to innovate the ancient, exclusive Italian tanning tradition with particular attention to sustainability.

The company’s sustainable approach materialises in the optimisation of resources and in the control of the entire production process.

The joint use of a photovoltaic system, installed on the roofs of the plants and able to produce about 500,000 kW per year, and a methane cogeneration system enables Conceria Montebello to almost fully meet its electricity needs. While the implementation of a water recycling system at the liming stage, which allows 70% water savings, and the in-house pre-treatment purification plant – which, together with gas, water and electric power consumption, is monitored via computer and managed by the internal analysis laboratory – contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the various production stages.

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