Atom S.p.A.

  Via Morosini 6, 27029, Vigevano, Italy

Atom is a company based in Vigevano (Pavia), that produces cutting systems for soft and semi-rigid materials.
Born in 1946 from the idea of three young entrepreneurs, Luciano Deambrosis, Lorenzo Gaia and Emiliano Cantella, during 70 years of activity the company developed advanced technology applied to many productive sectors such as rubber and plastics, textile, footwear, leather goods, packaging, gaskets, automotive, sports accessories, medical, furniture, visual communication.
From the 50’s the company grew, becoming a global reality with Atom Brazil and Atom China. In 2009 Atom took over the activities of Main Group (Venice), a company which manufactures machinery for sole moulds.
In 2016 Atom gave birth to two new realities: Atom MB, born thanks to the join venture between Atom Group and the Molina & Bianchi company, and Shoemaster International because of the take-over of CSM3D Ltd, an english company developer and owner of the reknown suite of CAD-CAM 3D systems, Shoemaster®.

Sector Production
SERVICESquality control/laser cutting/special applications
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