“Extend your arm to the other and it’ll feel like we are touching each other.”

From this simple but at the same time beautiful sentence, the #ComeState project was born.

We want to hear your stories, to know how you are facing and surely winning the battle against Covid-19.
We want to create a network and face this challenge together, even if far away, waiting to resume stronger than before.

Together we will do it.

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Guido Cami, CEO
Industrie Chimiche Forestali

Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. produces fabrics for tips and counters as well as adhesives for the footwear and upholstered furniture industries.

Message Guido Cami
Tommaso Cancellara, CEO

MICAM, the international exhibition promoted by Assocalzaturifici and leader of the footwear sector, is a unique event of its kind: the reference point for operators from all over the world.

Message Tommaso Cancellara
Stefano Pucci, CEO
Studio Auriga

Since 1957 Studio Auriga has been a company specialized in embroidery machinery for small, medium and large companies. Strategic partner of its customers, it offers a range of technically excellent products, combined with highly specialized consultancy, assistance and training services.

Message Stefano Pucci
Christian Berti, CEO
Arsenale Veneto

Arsenale Veneto bases its history and its success starting right from its territory, exactly from the Arsenale of Venice. This made it possible to base the company on a determining value: authenticity.

Message Christian Berti
Cezar Augusto Gernhardt, CEO
Conceria Priante

Conceria Priante an excellent partner, able to provide innovative interpretations and offer personalized and high quality leathers marked by unique components and characteristics that allow you to stand out.

Message Cezar Augusto Gernhardt
Massimo Pantanetti, General Manager

An all-Italian story
From close contact with our customers, their stylists and always attentive to the evolution of fashion and the market, Pellami Due C realizes the final products using an all-Italian know-how in the main tanning districts.

Message Massimo Pantanetti
Gabriella Bocca, President and CEO
Assomac and Lamebo

Assomac is the national association of manufacturers of technologies for footwear, leather goods and tannery. Every February, it organizes the Simac Tanning Tech fair, the international exhibition of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries.
Lamebo is the largest Italian manufacturer of splitting blades, then used by tanneries, shoe factories and fur factories.

Message Gabriella Bocca
Edoardo Imperiale, General manager

The Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Industry (SSIP) is a National Research Organization of the Chambers of Commerce of Naples, Pisa and Vicenza. Since 1885, it has been working to support all Italian companies in the tanning sector with research and development, training, certification of products and processes, analysis, controls and consultancy.

Message Edoardo Imperiale
Irene Bianchi, Corporate control manager

Gusbi, founded in 1946, starts its business by building machines for the “good-year” processing of footwear, then moving on to the production of presses for low-pressure vulcanization of rubber soles directly on the upper and of PVC injection machines.

Message Irene Bianchi
Icli Sollini, Commercial Director

Born in 1969, Sollini began his adventure on the market by supplying materials, accessories, components, fashion items and innovative products for the footwear industry. Main goal? Don’t leave any customer unsatisfied!

Message Icli Sollini
Elena Salvaneschi, CEO

TheOne is the show that renews the concept of fair and offers a modern format that combines information and business in one location, allowing buyers and companies to meet and kick off solid and tailor-made commercial relationships.

Message Elena Salvaneschi
Maurizio Croceri, CEO and Shareholder
Eli srl – Liu Jo shoes

It was 2016 when the president of Liu Jo, Marco Marchi, started the joint venture entirely dedicated to footwear, Eli srl, with Maurizio Croceri.
Purpose? Combine the style of the Carpi brand with the entrepreneurial expertise of the footwear district of the Marche region.

Message Maurizio Croceri
Luca Correani, Production manager
Goretti srl

Imagine a big ship when entering the port: Goretti’s “high-tech hands” are like an expert port pilot who helps customers, when it comes to processes, applications and fashion accessories, in the delicate steps related to the development of new collections and new products.

Message Luca Correani
Carlo Sorrenti, CEO
Domino Ego

Carlo is a product manager and Co-founder and CEO of the Domino Ego company. He deals with product management and supply chain development management in outsourcing, consultancy in research and development, intellectual property and bioeconomy in the luxury goods sector.

Message Carlo Sorrenti
Matteo Pasca, CEO
Edizioni AF

EdizioniAF is the leading B2B publishing house for trends, materials and technology in the field of footwear and leather goods

Message Matteo Pasca
Germano Ercoli, CEO

Eurosuole is the company born in Civitanova Marche, in the middle of the Shoe Valley of shoe soles. The soles, which as much as they were that part of the shoe destined to trample the ground, to become muddy, to wear out, have represented over time, and today more than ever, the object that characterizes a shoe.

Message Germano Ercoli
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