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Creative Regeneration

EVERLASTING and DISPOSABLE are parallel worlds that now intersect, between physical and virtual, outlining an ambiguous scenario.
Everything is possible, since the ways of perceiving and enjoying are changed. Without seasonality and predefined times, because we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow.
We are able to create timeless products, which we define EVERLASTING, but we consume DISPOSABLE products. The idea is to create something non commercial, that people will remember and that is able to live new lives.

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Concept e colors


The creative fantasy will be increasingly looking for an idyllic novel, composed of physical and virtual stories. Creatives will be asked to propose concrete and fantastic products. Practical and romantic, unreal and surreal, always suitable to be reprogrammed. The motto will be: create products that regenerate, be they everlasting or disposable.


A season that tries to heal paradoxes. It looks for something authentic natural, but also for something synthetic artificial. For something soft, but also for something light. For something creamy, but also for something rigid. What is certain is that we all will have to say no to the imitation of fakes.

Color Palettes

The transience of time and things makes us imagine increasingly more colours that can be regenerated. Shades that can adapt to the most unexpected situations of use and consumption.

Catwalk Analysis

Men and Women Catwalks

Many interesting ideas come from the curious and tasty collaboration between important artists and established fashion designers. Color takes the stage and gives strength and energy to a varied world of creations. It uses both the “boldness” of mono-color, as well as unconventional graphics and prints. Also very interesting are all the processes that enhance and enrich the materials: lace, weaves and patchwork. Chains (again) and tie-dye complete the overview of interesting themes.

Shapes and Volumes

Shapes and Volumes

In the world of women's footwear we are witnessing a return of the classic clog, while sandals become essential and with kitten heels. The sabot sandal, on the other hand, combines a sporty style with extremely feminine lines. There is no lack of intertwining and shades of color. For him, the classic outdoor sandal becomes sophisticated and the closed sandal is strictly in leather and with a leather sole. Innovative slingback version of the classic moccasin. For bags there are clutches and pouches, with great attention to the handles that can definitely surprise.


Company materials

The charm of Black and White, the strength of mono-color, the imagination and creativity expressed by graphic elements and illustrated details, the elegance of the chains and the romanticism of the embroideries... These are just some of the themes that the manufacturer have incorporated from the catwalks and reinterpreted in their collections. The vivacity of color is also expressed through shaded and patchwork effects, while nature is told through weaves and creations in raffia.

Vision Lab

The path of fashion follows a course characterised by parallel roads, which in some way look at and stimulate each other. As we have seen, Perpetual and Disposable both lead to a Creative Regeneration that develops the theme of sustainability towards further levels of complexity.These two lines of research have guided the creation of VISION LAB by ARSUTORIA, developed according to the key concepts of the next Spring/Summer 2022, embodied with creative genius by the collaboration between Arsutoria and some of the most important companies in the sector.

The result is absolutely innovative proposals capable of fuelling new concepts and interesting creative ideas.The materials that marry the blocks of colour are particularly energetic and vital, while softness and a welcoming touch characterise both the experiments aimed at investigating the themes of bodyless, as well as all the aspects belonging to the world of ‘amalgamation’.

A lot of work has been done on the textures of the surfaces in order to bring them in line with the concepts of repetition or sedimentation. The first case relies on optical effects, while the second case focuses on encrustations and oxidation effects. However, for surreal fairy tales, we go back to colour applied to patterns and graphics with much more imaginative and playful designs.


Ancuta Sarca

The perpetual mix of genres and recycling

Ancuta Sarca is a women’s clothing designer of Romanian origin, based in London. After working for Meadham Kirchoff and Ashish, Sarca became famous for her footwear incorporating recycled athletic shoes and vintage heels. She made her debut at the London Fashion Week immediately striking the imagination of many and gaining excellent visibility for her creations on the pages of prestigious magazines, such as Vogue, Hypebeast, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed.


Utopian sustainability

2018 marked the debut of the omonymous brand founded by Kevin Germanier, a graduate of Central Saint Martins: Germanier, a brand awaited for its sustainable approach to the fashion concept. The focus is on recycled luxury fabrics with striking details, like the discarded pearls the designer found during an internship in Hong Kong, which earned him the Redress Award in 2015. Germanier avoids the do-it-yourself connotations to which eco-compatible fashion is sometimes combined and draws instead inspiration from a futuristic, almost utopian vision. He looks for sculptural jackets, glitter-covered dresses and sharp-stitched skirts. Germanier garments have been worn by many international celebrities including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Björk or Sunmi. The brand was also included in Forbes’ 2020 ranking, 30 under 30, for the Europe-Art and Culture category, and participated in 2019 in the LVMH award as a semifinalist and in 2018 in the ANDAM Award.

Kara Bags

Minimalism that favours individuality

Sarah Law, a Parsons graduate, drew on the literal definition of karaoke - “empty orchestra” - to name her minimalist KARA handbag line, founded in 2013 in New York. Evoking a sense of quiet and thoughtful contemplation, the name perfectly reflects the sober but precise aesthetics of the Chinese-American designer’s bags. KARA’s pieces are reduced to essential with almost abstract forms, which act as blank canvases for individual interpretation. Made to seamlessly blend with the wearer’s unique aesthetics. The clean shapes refer to a sense of lightness and versatility. The emphasis on geometric simplicity allows (selected and quality) materials to achieve their goal: to make unexpected tactile sensations a hallmark of the brand.

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