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Trends Guide Autumn/Winter 2021-22

M_M Minimalism of Maximalists

The key concept that guides the trends for the next Autumn Winter 2021-22 almost seems like a paradox. It is the discovery of the Minimalism of Maximalists.

Maximalism is a strong style, consisting of mixed patterns, excessive but well-designed collections and saturated colours.

Minimalism, it strong counterpart, encourages minimalization, promoting the indispensable and strictly necessary.

For minimalists, less is more. Which leads to white walls and white furniture to create a calm and beautiful atmosphere by returning to the basics. For Maximalists, more is more. Which means adding as many colours and patterns as possible and creating beauty through the great variety and quantity of motifs and decorations.

The upcoming trends will have to find a way to bring out a neutral genre, characterised by essentiality, within a hyper-decorative taste.

Concept and colors

Colors Palette

Theme: Mini, Balanced, Maxi


Daniel Arsham and Hajime Sorayama collaboration

A Cold Wall

Catwalk analysis

Catwalk Analysis

Shapes analysis


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