Trends Guide Autum/Winter 22-23

The twist: creative stories

Creative stories are told for next winter. All looking for the next novelty. Twist means change, a change that cannot be avoided and that must be able to enhance every feature of our experience: from loneliness to the power of communities, from hyper-localism to artificial intelligence.

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Concept and colors


It will be essential to be able to speak to different communities of people, communities that isolate themselves but integrate and change and renew themselves. It will be important to look at technology in a different way, to make it able to preserve nature by exploring new scenarios. Twist means interpreting sustainability as Respect and Support.


There are four themes that will accompany us in the coming winter. All to be discovered, to be appreciated for how they will be able to operate their very personal Twist, that change capable of bringing true novelty. Preserve heritage through innovation. Bringing authenticity together with artificial choices. Discover the fun through the unexpected. And play thanks to virtual intelligence.

Color Palettes

There are also four color-palettes that best embody the concepts expressed in the previous themes. They range from blues united to fuchsia, which represent imagination and inspiration, up to the broad spectrum of browns to recall the mother earth. Different shades of black with metallic reflections call technology and revolution. Greens can only make us think of the harmony and fertility of nature, of organic, which represents the true return to change.

Catwalk Analysis

Men and Women Catwalks

The themes that stand out most are two: a fascinating journey, a little bit 80s, in metallics with a great choice of colors that are well suited to a wide variety of styles. It is an adventure among leopard prints that undoubtedly recalls more eccentric and luxurious atmospheres. New graphics, patented effects and a very natural mix of wool and leather complete the season.

Shapes and Volumes

Shapes and Volumes

We mention just a few of the most important themes for next season. As far as shoes are concerned, the inventions that lead to raising the volumes of the soles are very interesting, or the more delicate sandals open on the heel and rounded toes. Assorted zips characterize the boots, while a vague "after ski" inspiration returns to be felt. Leather goods, on the other hand, tantalize with multifunctional and timeless models that, in some cases, try to redefine the great classics of the past. Very interesting how the new proportions unfold.


Company materials

Metallic reflections and almost dazzling surfaces are one of the strong themes for the next season, a theme that will be declined in various shades to ensure light and brightness even in the winter. The animalier theme is more aggressive and in some respects graphic, which finds its most trendy outlet in particular in the leopard-print facets. Graphics with a retro flavor, which rely more on the amazement generated by repetition and strong tonal combinations, are nevertheless present. But winter is also enveloping warmth interpreted thanks to wool and leathers with earthy nuances.

Vision Lab

The path of fashion follows a course characterised by parallel roads, which in some way look at and stimulate each other. As we have seen, Perpetual and Disposable both lead to a Creative Regeneration that develops the theme of sustainability towards further levels of complexity.These two lines of research have guided the creation of VISION LAB by ARSUTORIA, developed according to the key concepts of the next Spring/Summer 2022, embodied with creative genius by the collaboration between Arsutoria and some of the most important companies in the sector.

The result is absolutely innovative proposals capable of fuelling new concepts and interesting creative ideas.The materials that marry the blocks of colour are particularly energetic and vital, while softness and a welcoming touch characterise both the experiments aimed at investigating the themes of bodyless, as well as all the aspects belonging to the world of ‘amalgamation’.

A lot of work has been done on the textures of the surfaces in order to bring them in line with the concepts of repetition or sedimentation. The first case relies on optical effects, while the second case focuses on encrustations and oxidation effects. However, for surreal fairy tales, we go back to colour applied to patterns and graphics with much more imaginative and playful designs.


Ancuta Sarca

The perpetual mix of genres and recycling

Ancuta Sarca is a women’s clothing designer of Romanian origin, based in London. After working for Meadham Kirchoff and Ashish, Sarca became famous for her footwear incorporating recycled athletic shoes and vintage heels. She made her debut at the London Fashion Week immediately striking the imagination of many and gaining excellent visibility for her creations on the pages of prestigious magazines, such as Vogue, Hypebeast, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed.

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