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ARSUTORIA provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on specific topics as sport, soles or technology.


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Arsutoria provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on special topics as sport, soles or technology.


Each issue offers you the latest information as news and interviews, new designers scouting and fashion report.

Fashion reports are Arsutoria core business: our editorial staff is always looking for latest shoe trends and every month we analyze the latest shoe collections, analyzing the most relevant trends and selecting the best ones.

Paper magazine

Arsutoria magazine is published 10 times per year. Subscription price includes shipping costs via FedEx to your address for all 10 issues*.

Online version

Magazines subscription include access to digital version.

With our recent redesign, we’ve partnered with ISSUU to offer you a better reading experience on your computer and mobile phone.

Each month you will receive a newsletter from us, with a link to redeem the new magazine and add it to your ISSUU account.

Please note that you will need to register a free ISSUU account first.

You can learn more by reading our guide on how to use ISSUU.

*Local custom charges are not included. If addressee refuse to pay custom expenses, Edizioni AF will cover them and then ask for a refund. Until custom charges won’t be refunded, Edizioni AF won’t be able to proceed with next issues shipping.

Magazines are sent via priority mail instead of FedEx in the following countries: Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Comoros, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Falklands, Guinea Bissau, Iran, Johnston Island, Kiribati, North Korea, Libya, Mayotte Island, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue, Philippines, Peru, Saint Pierre Et Miquelon, Sao Tome & Principe, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, St. Helena (S. Atlantic), Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tokelau Islands, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Venezuela, Wake Islands.

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