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Tannery 2020 03, main sponsors:

Kind Leather

Kind Leather is the result of years of research and efforts to develop authentically sustainable leather. By combining concepts such as sustainability, production and traceability, Kind Leather has built a new production concept that aims to promote a more transparent value chain, from company to final product.

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Thanks to constant research, Chemical Milling® was born: a technology for the finishing of leather with controlled injection of chemical products directly during the fulling phase. Pioneering in its vision of the tanning sector and in the research carried out, Erretre develops new aerosol treatment systems for the management of the powders that are formed during the pigmentation phase of the leather, leading to the birth of innovative spraying and abatement methods, anticipating the current regulations by 10 years.

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Bauce is synonymous with research, an essential element to guarantee its customers the maximum performance of its machinery. The Bauce brand owes its high competitiveness to the family team, but also to qualified engineers, technicians and fitters who, together with the owners, have interpreted its style. For over 40 years the company Bauce Tri.Ma s.r.l. has been investing in the research and development of its products in order to give the customer the most advanced technologies and techniques of leather processing both for wet-blue and after dyeing. BlueExtreme E-Power is the green product that reduces energy waste to preserve nature.

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Dermacolor Microshield. A real screen able to absorb UVA radiation: thanks to the combination with antioxidant agents, it is able to improve the resistance to light, without altering the physical-mechanical, visual and sensorial properties of the leather. Microshield is a product that has obtained the so-called “Green Tag”, a tool that certifies compliance with the restrictions imposed according to the parameters of the more restrictive MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), in order to promote responsible tanning.

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X-Tan is a sustainable tanning process that gives high-quality leather. It combines first-class performance with ecological advantages: for example, no reactive tanning materials remain in the leather or the effluent, and the salt load of the effluent is much lower than in conventional organic tannages. A key feature of X-Tan is the relatively high whiteness of the leather, which makes it possible to obtain brilliant colors in the subsequent dyeing. The leather also has excellent physical fastness properties.

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