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BERGI S.p.A. is a Company founded in 1965 by Mr. Giovanni Bergozza and one partner that manufactures leather processing machines. After more than 50 years of presence in the market, Bergi is considered and recognised as a leading brand in the sector. Attiva is a band buffing machine for articles that require a cold processing and a high efficiency dust discharging. The machine is suitable to process vegetable tanned leathers, hot and cold greased leathers, stuccoed splits for automotive and reel material such as pvc, pu and similar. 


Gemata, located in Trissino, Vicenza province, was founded in 1972 and in the last years it has become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of leather finishing machines. On a mainly productive front, it is worth underlining the machines’ high quality, the manufacturing accuracy, the use of the finest raw materials, the easy and stability of the regulation that guarantees operating rapidity and simplicity and makes it possible to use all the machines productive potential in highly reliable conditions through time.


Syn-Bios is an Italy-based family-owned company: since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of chemicals principally for leather tanning industry. Syn-Bios provides extremely broad ranges of high-performance products as well as customised services through integrated solutions in order to meet daily the various demands of leather manufacturing industries.


For more than 50 years Officine di Cartigliano has been studying, designing and manufacturing systems for the fundamental passage of the leather from wet to dry. At the beginning the Cartigliano’s units were destined to the production of leathers for footwear and bags. Today, Cartigliano machines are a must for processing any type of leather and they represent the best quality-productive choice for what concerns the production of sheepskins as well as furniture and automotive whole hides. This can be achieved just modifying machines’ parameters and settings.


Since 1981 Dermacolor has been working in the tanning sector, where it has specialised in the production of tanning chemicals and leather processing. D-Light Blue is an innovative technology developed in the Dermacolor laboratories with the aim of achieving social and environmental sustainability.


Since the early years, Erretre has focused its attention on the final phase of the tanning process: the finishing or ennobling of the leather. Cold Milling is the new technology designed for the most sensitive leathers. Designed for cold drumming, it allows temperature control that does not interfere with the balance of the internal environment in contact with the hides.

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