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Serena Cecchini design

Serena Cecchini Design is an artistic and creative lab that proposes itself as a Partner Company in the design and production of decorations and accessories for leather goods, footwear, clothing and furniture, such as flowers and bows in leather and creative materials. According to fashion trends, the lab follows the creation of the accessory from design to packaging, also providing solutions made to measure.

Premiere Vision Paris

Twice a year, Première Vision Paris brings together all the players in raw materials and services for the production of apparel, bags, shoes and fantasy jewelleries, to effectively assist fashion professionals develop their collections. The next edition of Première Vision will be from February 8th to 10th, 2022.

Rifra Nastri

Rifra Nastri is an established reality with over thirty years of experience in the production of elastic and rigid ribbons in the fields of footwear, clothing and leather goods industry. It is able to offer to its customers a wide range of products with different types of working, materials, sizes, colours and customizations, with a great sensibility towards the fashion factor.


Caligola4, Cleopatra, St-Plus – the Cad Suite in Comelz deserves a round of applause. A complete set of tools to suit every design, from shoes to leather, with a great advantage: full cost control. Made in Italy, global awareness and international experience are the keys to Comelz’s success.


Apego is the reference point in the high tech sector of footwear moulds, it exports 90% of its production to over 20 countries and counts among its customers the most important national and international footwear companies. The strength of Apego is represented by its ability to provide a service in addition to the product.

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