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Silvateam researches, manufactures and develops products used for high quality tanned leather, oenology, animal feed and other industrial applications, for example, chemicals, oil drilling, textiles, and mining. Backed by the experience gained throughout their 160 years of history, Silvateam faces future challenges by being committed to continuous improvement and focusing on quality and innovation.


Founded in 1946, DESMA is specialized in the manufacturing of machineries for shoes production. 75 years of engineering and production experience with more than 1500 robots sold to the footwear industry worldwide make DESMA the leader of the market. Thanks to Amir System, Direct Soiling ensures lower production costs, better quality and higher productivity.


Since 1979 Tecnogi’s core business is the production of impregnated and plastic materials for use in counters and tow-puffs for shoes. Thanks to the high innovation level of its products and its constant attention to the quality, nowadays TecnoGi plays a leader role in the world market, with a significant presence in more than 70 countries in all the continents.


Apego is the reference point in the high tech sector of footwear moulds, it exports 90% of its production to over 20 countries and counts among its customers the most important national and international footwear companies. The strength of Apego is represented by its ability to provide a service in addition to the product. Ideas, advice and technical specifications are provided to the Customer to support him in every decision and suggest the necessary solutions to achieve excellent results.


Comelz is renowned worldwide for its ability to innovate and rethink the cutting and shaping of leather and textiles. It provides cutting systems and machinery with a high level of technology, optimal flexibility and maximum productivity, suitable for all types of processing techniques and customers around the world. NEK machine by Comelz is the perfect tool for digitizing leathers without width, length or quantity limitations.

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