Sammi Export

  Loc. Guardavalle, 53049, Torrita Di Siena, Italy

Born in 1968, Sammi Export is a company leader in the study and in the implementation of metallic findings and accessories for technical footwear, in partnership with the greatest specialized brands.

Thanks to the contribution of prestigious partners as Giugiaro Design and Bertone Design, the company sets the objective of realize products with an outstanding and functional design at the same time, linking the knowledge with the know-how since always.

Sammi Export is in the heart of Val di Chiana, an area highly characterized by those images of beauty that made famous the Made in Italy all over the world.

A starring role, that of Sammi Export, that projected the company to the highest international recognition, also thanks to advanced communication strategies that allowed to stand out from the several attempts of imitation, confirming it as an example of originality, innovation and quality.

Sammy Export is a company that brought together the technique with the industrial design sense of beauty, to create functional products. The result is a unique competence in the production of metallic findings for technical footwear, in partnership with the greatest international brands: a typical example of pursuit of excellence that is known as “Made in Italy” all around the world.

Sector Production
COMPONENTSmetal hardware/accessories/zips
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