Ctr Murcia-Alicante Km.49,100 Pol.i Nd. Faima - Apdo. 167, 03330, Crevillente (Alicante), Italy

Plaginsa is a company with more than 30-year experience in the production of rubber plates and sheets for footwear soles.

Plaginsa started out in the business in early 1983 thanks to its founder and current chairman Gaspar Navarro.
Its principal objective has always been, and still is, to find a successful solution to the needs of footwear professionals, through the production and marketing of a wide range of rubber sheets.

The company's special understanding of the fashion world, its creativity and design has led it to be the choice of leading designers around the world.
Nowadays the brand has diversified his production in sporty and agricultural floors and acoustic insulation.

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