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OrthoLite is a global company that manufactures comfort foam shoe insoles.
Its sales offices are located in the United States, Vietnam, Asia and Europe as well as manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea.

OrthoLite is the foam insole category leader for producing sustainable products: it developed in-house environmentally friendly formulations using castor oil to manufacture bio-based insoles, replacing the petroleum based PU with bio-oil PU.

The company's polyurethane and recycled rubber-based formula provide long-lasting cushioning, breathability and durability.

This patented open-cell foam technology can be found in more than 400 million pairs of athletic, casual, dress, work, and outdoor shoes each year and OrthoLite is partner of the major shoe brands all over the world.

OrthoLite’s foam technologies can also be used in clothing, sporting equipment, backpacks and furniture.

Sector Production
COMPONENTStoe caps/counters/insoles/fussbets
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