Messe Düsseldorf

  Stockumer Kirchstr. 61, 40474, Dusseldorf, 1
  +49 211 456 001
Messe Düsseldorf

50 international trade fairs are organised by Messe Düsseldorf, among these are 24 No. 1 events. This means that nearly one fifth of all the world‘s premier trade shows take place in Düsseldorf.

Years of experience and the personal contact we maintain with companies and opinion leaders keep Messe Düsseldorf’s finger on the pulse of the industries for which it organizes trade shows. The lines of business covered by Messe Düsseldorf also mirror successful industries in Germany: plant, machinery and other capital goods; retail, skilled crafts and services; medical systems and healthcare; fashion and lifestyle; leisure.

Sector Production
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