Maresca srl

  Via Mentana 30 /32/34, 46019, Cizzolo, Italy
  +39 037587091

Maresca S.r.l. has a long-standing experience in the PVC footwear and sanitary shoes manufacture sector thanks to the commitment and tradition of the Bellini family who has successfully lead the company for more than 70 years. Maresca was established in 1927 as a small, craftsman-like company focused on producing a small range of wooden clogs with leather vamp and velvet mules whose sole was made from old bicycle tires.

From 1955 the company expanded beyond the Italian borders, all over the world with its first exports to European and Extra-European countries.

The brand “CAMPER”, established in 1960, represented the company’s first step in the manufacturing of sporting shoes with directly injected vamp and polyurethane soles. The real change came in 1967, the launching year for the new footwear production line with the name “MARESCA“, a new line of PVC footwear that includes sandals and boots for leisure, work, fishing and hunting, which stands out for its continuously changing line and care for the details.

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