L’Europea S.r.l.

  Via Cesare Battisti 120-124, 64011, Alba Adriatica, 1
  +39 0861 710 807

The leather goods L’Europea was founded in 1973 as a small workshop to its founder Anildo Di Pasquantonio.

Thanks to decades of experience in the manufacturing sector and its innovative thrust of his son Mario, the company became in a short time by simple laboratory to industrial success, recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Taking advantage of the know-how that has its roots in the tradition of craftsmanship, the company has been able to meet the challenges that the market from time to time appeared, masterfully combining the introduction of advanced altamene success with the original flavor of “Made in Italy” and hand made to ensure its broad customers great value for money.
L’Europea founded Capoverso collection.

Sector Production
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