Leu Locati

  Via Cosimo Del Fante 13, 20122, Milano, Italy

Leu Locati, at the heart of Milan since 1908.

Hidden like a precious gem, for over 100 years the Locati creations can be found at the heart of the city of Milan, in Via Cosimo del Fante.

Founder Luigi Locati opened a small hand craft shop specializing in leather decorations for covers of sacred books. After great success, his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to explore new techniques of craftsmanship lead him to begin producing precious petit point pochettes for the Milanese socialites during the Hapsburg period.

The company's name, Leu Leucati, is a tribute to the initial founders, Luigi and his two nephews Emanuele and Umberto. The knowledge, expertise and craft of the Locati legacy, has been passed down from generation to generation (currently its fifth), ensuring that the same top quality and attention to detail continues to be consistent.

Leu Leucati's creations have been worn by royalties and celebrities all over the world.

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