Klein Karoo

  P.o.box 06620 241, , Oudtshoorn, Italy

Klein Karoo is a South African tannery specialized in high quality ostrich leather. Ostrich Leather is suitable for fashion garments and accessories, automotive products, furniture products and interior decoration.

Klein Karoo was born in 1945 and since then, it has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about ostriches. Technological advancements and on-going research have enabled the company to produce supreme quality exotic leather. All of the Klein Karoo leathers come from farm-reared ostriches and the quality controls are constant for all the duration of the leather processing. The company guarantees extraordinary quality in body and leg skin leather thanks to advanced processes and systems and a continued research and development.

The company can rely on around 800 farmer members and it's the biggest supplier of ostrich leather in the world. It's able to offer products in 37 standard colours and in a range of 300 different shades.

Moreover, Klein Karoo is ISO 9001 and 14001:2000 certified.

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