ISA TanTec

  Avenida Da Praia Grande N 619 Comercial Si Toi 5 Andar 8, 999078, Macao, Macao
  +853 2835 6320

ISA TanTec was founded in 1995 and currently has 4 ultra-modern tanneries located in the USA, Vietnam, China and Italy. In 2016, Navis Capital Partners co-invested in ISA as a strategic partner to support the further growth ambitions of ISA TanTec. ISA TanTec is an eco-friendly leather manufacturer represented by the LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) manufacturing concept. The concept defines a high standard of environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process. The LITE name is trademarked and represents environmental excellence to ISA TanTec customers.

Throughout the years, the company has been globally recognized by the world’s top footwear brands as a supplier of high quality leathers, as well as reputation for reliable services and outstanding corporate social responsibility. To further develop its strategy and to support new expanding markets, the company has established ISA CutTec, ISA TrimTec, ISA LaceTec, ISA BelTec and ISA Luxury Leathers.

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