Via Erega, 1, 31030, Castelcucco, Italy

Founded in 1977 by two brothers, Graziano and Mario Grigolato, as a company specialised in the artisanal production of trekking and leisure time shoes, over the years, Grisport has been transformed into a bona fide cutting-edge industry, while also using its expertise to create shoes for the safety footwear industry.

Today, with more than 40,000 square metres of production space and more than 2,000 employees, the company from Castelcucco (TV) represents one of the most extraordinary examples of Made in Italy success worldwide.  All Grisport products in fact are Italian not only in their production, but also in their conception, design, and planning. Their high quality is ensured by a precise system of traceability, which allows all phases in production to be retraced with the identification of all materials used.

The company is also very attentive to the issue of sustainability, with more than 70% of its productive processes powered by a system of photovoltaic panels on a roof of around 15,000 square metres.

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