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Fratelli Zucchini Spa, is an Italian company that has been specialising its design and production activity towards sealants and adhesives devoted to industrial and professional use since 1930. Fratelli Zucchini boasts a wide range of technological collaborations with the most important international groups in the sector. But the success of Fratelli Zucchini is above all due to the constant commitment to research and to the attention given to identifying the best solution for adhesion and sealing problems, in Italy and worldwide.

Fratelli Zucchini is among the largest and most qualified Italian and European companies in the adhesive and sealant industry; for over 50 years Fratelli Zucchini’s team of chemical experts has been studying and manufacturing the best solution for adhesives and sealants, which is why new products are currently used in the footwear, construction, window, glass and automotive industries. Thanks to the constant commitment to research and the experience gained, Fratelli Zucchini is one of the largest and most qualified Italian industries in the sector.

The MS Polymer technology, used by Fratelli Zucchini, represents today the most advanced stage in the evolution of reactive elastomeric adhesives and sealants and is confirmed as the technology of the future for this type of product. In all industrial sectors that use adhesives and sealants in their production cycles, the performance, versatility and safety of use associated with the MS technology are recognised and appreciated. Fratelli Zucchini has started designing in the MS field since the appearance of polymers on the market and has a wide and articulated range of adhesives and sealants dedicated to multiple uses and application areas.

Fratelli Zucchini offers its products through its direct and indirect network of agents and retailers, always with the support of a team of experts and qualified chemists.

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