Fratelli Carlessi

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FRATELLI CARLESSI is a company which designs and manufactures machinery for the textile, nonwovens and leather processing industries.

FRATELLI CARLESSI Company was founded in 1925, but CARLESSI workshop was already operating in 1911. In fact at that time Antonio Carlessi had already started a small mechanical business concerning car motors, water pumps, weaving or dyeing machines to the maintenance and/or reparation of machines at Urgnano tanneries.

In 1953 his sons Duilio and Eberardo Carlessi led the business to the tanning field and manufactured the first toggle dryer.

A few years later the company grew and moved its old headquarters to the suburbs where, after continual expansion, it now extends over an area of approx. 21.000 sq. mts.

Today Fratelli Carlessi employs about 50 people, but also various external workshops working exclusively for them and under their constant control.

Carlessi’s aim over the years has always been meeting Customers requirements and constant research into new and efficient technical solutions. That’s why today the name “Fratelli Carlessi” is synonymous with tannery machinery all over the world.

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