Dermochimica S.p.A.

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Dermochimica S.p.A. works with manufacturers of ecologically friendly resins, chemicals and dyes for leather tanning, wet-end processing, dying and finishing applications.

Born in 1957, Dermochimica S.p.A. grew keeping in step with Italian tanning tradition. Dermochimica S.p.A. supports the direct experience in tanning with the technologic and applied research; by joining these two knowledge, the Company has been able to become a competent partner for all those problems linked to tanning production.

The company philosophy has the aim to satisfy customers by means of some qualified points, such as the technical assistance and a constant effort driven to the production of eco-compatible products. Starting from a good project it is possible to create a good product, Dermochimica S.p.A. devotes a large part of its activity to the continuous study and research of innovative solutions as regards to production process as well as application procedures of the products in tanning field.

The great production flexibility of Dermochimica S.p.A. allows to suddenly reply to the several tanning field requirement, always linked to fashion. Thanks to this, Dermochimica S.p.A. has become an active partner of the most important tanning realities all over the World. During its life of almost fifty years, it has a constant development trend which pushes the firm to continuous enlargements in its production unit. Dermochimica’s aim is to keep quality/price rate really competitive: it is for this reason that it has always produced directly, trying to obtain, by means of a constant control, a high quality level which drove in 1998 to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

Sector Production
CHEMICALSchemicals for tannery
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