Conceria Gaiera Giovanni S.p.A.

  Via Carducci 19/21/23, 20020, Robecchetto, 1
  +39 0331 874801

Founded in 1946 by Giovanni Gaiera in the city of Robecchetto con Induno in the Province of Milan, the company first deals with the production of linings from sheepskin, calfskin, and kidskin. Nowadays, they provide a wide range of leathers also employing raw materials like lambs and calves.

Highly skilled workers soon joined the team which led to production steadily and gradually improving. Woking always with great attention to the environment, the company received the Certificate of Environmental Management Uni En Iso 14001.

In the early 2000s, a new production organization is introduced in order to satisfy the needs of a higher production and a higher quality of every production stage through the integration of new tannery machineries and technologies.

Today, the company employs 90 workers and 3500 m2 of leather is produced per day.


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