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Club Shoes is proud to have as a leader a person who can boast fifty years of experience in the sector and who has worked and developed collections with the most important retailers in Europe and in the world: Mireno Fanucchi
In 1970 Mireno began working with a local company.
Initially their customers were in the Italian market only, such as, for example, Bata Italia, with which Moreno still maintains a strong and lasting collaboration..
In 1978 the company began expanding in the European market, and Mireno began working with
Marks & Spencer in England and with Eram in France.
In the ‘80s the company expanded in the American market with Candies and Edison Brothers Group, and from 1990 to 1992 with Payless and Marshall; the latter is still a key customer.
In 1996 the company made its debut on the Australian market thanks to the collaboration with Shoe Movers.
In 2000 Mireno began to work with Clarks England.
In 2009 it began working with the Korean and Japanese markets.
In 2010, after 15 years in Club Tre, Mireno founded Club Shoes srl with his nephew Francesco.
In 2013 the collaboration with Easy Street gave birth to the brand Tuscany by Easy Street, whose items are sold on the Internet.
Today the company keeps growing thanks to their most important customers worldwide.
Club Shoes products favour the use of leather, although over the last few years the discovery of synthetic materials and special fabrics has made it possible to create equally beautiful and special items.

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