Giuseppe Caretti

  Via S.m. Maddalena 42, 21100, Varese, Italy
  +39 0332 262308

Way back in 1897 in Alessandria (Italy), a young and capable artisan, Natale Caretti, was crafting entirely by hand custom-made men’s shoes known and appreciated for the sophistication of their details and even more for the use of anatomical shapes that guaranteed maximum comfort for the feet while walking.

In 1946 Natale Caretti, who by now had become a supplier to the haute bourgeoisie and to the Royal House of Savoy, and whose renown and expertise had long crossed national borders, moved to Varese. This choice was dictated by his determination to settle in one of the best-known footwear districts and thus have access to the best qualified workers in order to expand his already flourishing business. In those years his son Giovanni, who was working alongside his father in managing the company, patented the “Scientific Shoe – The Correct Fit” brand.

Through its participation in international fairs and shows, Caretti made quite a name for itself in the world market of luxury and comfort footwear. Today Caretti, managed by the family’s fourth generation, is a leading company in the production of sandals and footwear which are distributed in practically every country in the world.

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