Blekitna 21c Odrano Wola, 05825, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Italy
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A Polish shoe-distributing company, B & M Worldwide focuses on the constant search for beauty, originality and quality, in order to provide its customers with exceptional shoes, original designs, perfecting manufacturing and excellent materials. In order to do that B&M Worldwide relies on a network of national and international producers that can meet its high standards. For men’s footwear, it relies on a network of national producers that make classy, elegant and special men’s shoes, which look beautiful but also comfortable. Outside national borders, B&M Worldwide focuses on Brazil, the country that makes its women’s and children’s shoes, characterized by the typical South American temperament. In the case of women’s shoes, they have an extraordinary price and the best quality/price ratio. As for children’s shoes, the Brazilian shoes are an irresistible feast of colours, fashion and comfort. B&M Worldwide dedicates all of its passion and courage to the indefatigable search for new solutions and to the attention to detail, in order to offer goods and services of extremely high quality. With only one mission: to always create unique shoes for exceptional people.

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