Via Azario 9, 28100, Novara, Italy

Born in Novara, Italy, Benedetta has been extremely passionate about shoes since she was a child, when she would spend her time creating innovative designs geared specifically towards shoes. The daughter of entrepreneurs, she originally decided to give up her passion to follow the path that would lead her to the family business. She then graduated with a degree in economics and cultural heritage management and worked in children’s television and at Sky Italia. But passions cannot be suppressed: unenthusiastic about her situation and going against family values, she decided to drop everything and devote herself to what she truly loved.

Thus began her unconventional journey, where her knowledge of economics were combined with design and the art of shoe-making. She continued with her studies to put her design and technical skills into practice, attending the design and collection development course and the modeling and prototype course at Ars Sutoria School in Milan in order to compete with top professionals in the field and to develop an international entourage.

After working briefly near the Riviera del Brenta in Italy, she launched her first women’s footwear collection for spring/summer 2017.


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