BASF Polyurethanes GMBH

  E-Kue/Wm - C36 Elastogranstrasse 60, 49448, Lemfoerde, Germany

BASF Polyurethanes develops, produces and distributes the efficient and versatile special synthetic polyurethane (abbreviated PU).

The brand “PU Solutions Elastogran” exemplifies over 50 years of experience of the market and technology leader in Europe.
BASF is leading supplier of Polyurethane Solutions for systems, specialties and PU basic products with its comprehensive product portfolio and custom-designed services.

With its global network of 39 polyurethane system houses, BASF provides fast local support, from technical service and sales to production and marketing. In partner-like co-operation with its customers BASF develops new products and solutions, and constantly advance these.

Sector Production
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