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Baldinini dates back to the beginning of the last century, in San Mauro di Pascoli. Indeed, it was in 1910 that the family took its first steps in the field of footwear, making  entirely handmade bespoke shoes. The district surrounds Villa Torlonia, a legendary agricultural company, also mentioned by the poet Pascoli. That is where, in Italy, more precisely in Romagna, with an extremely small craftman’s workshop, the journey of a company and brand began; Baldinini would become one of the top Made in Italy footwear and accessories brands.
The initial study of shapes would evolve throughout the decades into what is the current design. Next to artisanal skills, the expertise in design grew, and aesthetics began to emerge strongly next to function. 1974 was a memorable year: Baldinini produced its first mules, the current “clogs”, which marked a turning point and the beginning, with its 500 pairs a day, of its industrial process. Its style was consolidated over the years and conquered both men and women. Italian taste and manufacturing skills also conquered demanding distant consumers. Boundaries broadened: first Germany and France, then the decisive turning point with Russia. It was the beginning of a dissemination that would give Baldinini a capillary presence with its retail and wholesale networks in Eastern Europe, which would then be followed by the Middle East and, over the last few years, China and the United States.
Years of innovation and strategic evolution created diversification both in terms of products and retail philosophy: in 2013 the Baldinini Trend project was born. The new design maintained the values and dna of a by now historic and world-famous brand intact: research moved towards a more dynamic concept, both in terms of style and pricing, stores and shopping experience.
Today the Baldinini brand is synonymous with exclusive, couture shoes, objects of desire which are high-end fashion and have a unique style. Its headquarters, which maintained the complex structure of an enormous craftsman’s workshop with an adjacent plant, today occupy spaces of more than 15,000sqm. The central management is flanked by all the activities concerning the design and realization of the products, the studio design, the modelling laboratories, the showrooms and the sales offices. Another building hosts the retail and digital departments. In the centre of Milan and in the heart of the fashion quadrilateral, a prestigious period building in the historic Via Bigli is the home of the Baldinini showroom. A polifuncitonal space, a place for sales campaigns and the activities linked to business, digital communication and international public relations.

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