Z.i. Asi Nola/Marigliano, 80035, Nola, Italy

A company located in Nola, in the province of Naples, Axa Shoes – Di Bello has been successful for years in the fields of footwear production and distribution, and in particular in the production and distribution of slippers. The company invests in research and innovation to guarantee maximum comfort and wellbeing with Axa Shoes, Axa Gold and now also with the new brand Axa People Best Price. Each brand’s goal is that of meeting the specific needs of its customers, also in consideration of the different purchasing power, accompanying customers from the traditional brand Best price to the line Gold.  
One of the tangible results of this philosophy is a technology called DeoFit, developed by researchers within the company. A technology that keeps Axa Shoes slippers cool, dry and perfumed all the time. It is thanks to microcapsules with special essences that, with the foot’s daily motion, scented fragrances are realeased.  Besides this technology, there is also the DuoPush. This system, thanks to a hole in the sole, makes it possible to perfume the slippers repeatedly and constantly.
Thanks to constant innovation and product research, the Di Bello company has gone from being a small entrepreneurial company to being an important structure of the comfortable slippers sector, with a production of 10 thousand pairs a day, on 26 thousand square meters, a conference centre that can host 200 people and  a research and style centre. The company also has a 400 sqm showroom and a Gross Center where customers can appreciate all the new proposals of the brands’ collections. The connection to a sophisticated monitoring system and wireless logistics system reduces waiting time to the minimum, with an immediate control of warehouse availability. The new structure incorporates the main logistic platform, which is managed by an independent company that coordinates all the needs of the group. Di Bello is committed to increasing its presence in foreign markets – focusing mostly on the Far east and Eastern Europe – by participating in international events such Expo Riva Schuh, MICAM, Obuv, Mosshoes, Euroshoes and Italian Fashion in Almaty, Kazakistan .

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