Astore srl

  Via A. Meucci 6/A, 30035, Mirano, Italy

The company, besides designing and producing leather clothing complements artisanally since 1929, also produces shoes and bags.
The Astore products are elegant, avantgarde in terms of trends, and are made by craftsmen from Veneto who, using the classic methods of the traditional production of leather goods, create products with the Made in Italy trademark.
Besides tanning leather (which is recycled and enhanced, thus becoming a precious material), producing clothing and leather goods, Astore also makes hand-painted leather accessories, shoes and bags.

Among the various Astore collections, the following collections stand out for their originality:
Acquarello, hand-painted leather bags, excellent for leisure time and casual clothing.
Business, hand-painted leather bags, excellent for leisure time, is unisex, both for men and women.
Sfinge: women’s leather bags and customizable fabrics.
Venezia color: women’s printed fabric bags.

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