Assia Trend srl

  Via Fossaceca, 33, 63822, Porto San Giorgio, Italy

The company Assia Trend has been a solid entity in the footwear sector for years; it has its roots in the idea of comfort combined with the quality of Made in Italy products.
The quality of the products, characterized by the craftsmanship of the Fermano footwear district, along with the use of advanced technologies, makes the products unique and sophisticated.
The attention to detail in the use of accessories is an essential element for Assia Trend’s creations, thus always succeeding in being in line with the personality of each product and in satisfying its customers.
The brands, each one of which has specific characteristics in order to meet the different needs of those women who do not want to give up feeling beautiful and elegant in their everyday life neither, are:
Soffice Sogno, comfortable lines supporting the foot, thus providing comfort that lasts all day.
Vernissage di Soffice Sogno, a comfortable and elegant line that pleases those women who pay attention to fashion, career women and mothers who are always on the run.
Esmeralda, the line for those for whom dancing is not only a passion but a way of life.

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