Star S.p.A. Calzaturificio

  Via Oslavia 3, 21049, Tradate, 1
  +39 0331 841322

Artioli’s Star Shoe Factory was established in 1945 by Severino Artioli, Angelo Millefanti and Eugenio Stefanotti.

Nowadays the Factory has about 100 employees and can rely on the cooperation of craftsmen working for specialist high quality articles and great value.

Artioli is now able to open flagship stores around the world that offer the full range of clothing and leather accessories, personalized style and blended with the Italian lifestyle. Vito Artioli has so far drawn more than 90,000 models of shoes and leather goods, with innovations that were copied gradually over time and yet has declined to patent for protection, focusing instead on continuous product innovation.

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