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Founded in 1972, Arezzo is nowadays a leader in the footwear, handbag and accessories sectors in Brazil. With its six brands, Arezzo, Schutz, Anacapri, Alexander Birman, Fiever and Owme, it sells more than 11 million pairs of shoes a year, products that are distinguished by quality, design, comfort and innovation. Each of Arezzo’s brands has its own identity, a distinctive design aimed at different target audiences and opportunities for use. Arezzo’s story is that of a constant growth and valorization, thanks to which over the years it has received many prestigious aknowledgements as far as production, technology, innovation, management, distribution and e-commerce are concerned. Arezzo distributes its brands through a capillary network of multibrand, franchising and direct stores in Brasil and worldwide.

Arezzo, the company’s historic brand, was founded in 1972 as the Brazilian answer to prevailing European and Italian fashion. It became successful thanks to its products, which are characterized by high quality and contemporary design, in order to meet a wide range of women of any age. Distributed through a capillary network of stores and franchising stores in all of Brazil’s states, it has several direct stores in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. In the international market, Arezzo is distributed in the best multibrand stores.

Founded in 1995 by Alexander Birman, Arezzo’s current Ceo, the brand is characterized by great design, research on materials and technologies, and high quality. Aimed at young and irreverent women, it offers very trendy shoes, handbags and fashion accessories. It is  distributed in all of Brazil’s states through the direct stores in the main capitals and in the concept stores of the country’s main fashion centres. It also has two flagship stores  in the Usa, on Madison Avenue in New York and in Beverly Drive in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2008 with a name that is reminiscent of the island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is a casual brand that aspires to make women’s days less complicated thanks to personality, quality, price and comfort. Distributed in the whole of Brazil and in the direct stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in 2017 Anacapri opened a flagship store in the prestigious street Oscar Freires in Sao Paulo.

Alexander Birman
The brand bearing the name of its founder was born as a luxury brand aimed at conquering a sophisticated audience thanks to the exclusive design of its shoes. Noble, exotic raw materials and precious details are part of the dna of a brand that boasts an artisanal production. As a global brand Alexander Birman is present in the world’s best multibrand stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Founded in 2015 and named Fiever – a fusion of Five (its fifth brand) and Fever – has an urban, cool and accessible concept aimed at a young audience. Its iconic product is the tennis shoe with a white sole, which expresses the essence of the brand: practical, cool and versatile.

It is the youngest brand of the Arezzo brand family. Founded in 2018, its name means “own me”, and with its timeless style it wants to meet the demand of consumers who want comfortable shoes, with a style that is appropriate for all occasions. All the brand’s shoes have a structure that follows the curves of the foot, and soles made up of memory foam that maintains its elasticity over time, thus guaranteeing comfort.

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