Anzani Machinery S.r.l.

  Via Luciano Manara 84, 20015, S. Lorenzo Parabiago, Italy

Anzani Machinery produces machinery for footwear, apparel and leather industries. The core business is the production of lasting conveyors, sewing conveyors and heat treatment machines: conditioning, ironing, stabilization of the shoes, glue drying and reactivation. The company's production includes also a different type of machines, as like rotary warehouses, for storing lasts and components, robotic systems and special conveyors for the vulcanized shoes production.

Anzani's mission is to bring the automation advantages into the footwear firms, in order to remove the inefficiencies, keeping or improving the quality of the shoes.

Anzani Machinery was established in 1953 by Giuseppe Anzani and nowadays it is still directed by 5 persons of the Anzani family.

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