AICC – Italian Association of Leather Chemists

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AICC (Italian Association of Leather Chemists) include everyone who works in the leather sector, in particular: chemists and technicians of leather, diploma-holders or graduates, employees of tanning industry, tanning materials, colorants, greases, machineries and scientific tools, and, in general, all the industries directly or indirectly associated with it.

AICC has always been aware of the environment impact, resulted from the establishment of tanning industries on the territory, and related problems, including employment.

AICC has the objective to:

A) promote the culture and the scientific research, spreading to his members the result of technical-scientific works, new technological ideas and experience in the leather world;

B) establish more close connections between science and the leather supply chain, supporting the scientific expansion trough efficient communication channels;

C) establish and keep continuous the cultural relations between members, chemists and technicians of the leather sector and other Italian or similar foreign associations;

D) actively support the school education cooperating with specialized schools of this sector trough initiatives aimed at integrate the specific training.

E) express their points of view and take any initiative about topics and proposals, even lawmaking ones, involving the chemistry sector or leather one.

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