ABC Morini s.r.l.

  Via I. Barontini 15 /B, 50018, S. Colombano - Scandicci, Italy

ABC MORINI, established in 1969, it's a leader company in the creation of accessories for the italian and international leather goods industry.

A company that for over forty years has characterized, with its footwear accessories, handbag accessories and belts accessories, the most exclusive and charming leather goods.

Unique and functional designs and a continuous creative research based on the values of elegance, balance, beauty and volumetric ratio are the main strenghts of this company.

ABC Morini is a serious and reliable company, able to offer guarantee the customers a tailor made and concrete service thanks to a high-qualified team of passionate workers and designers able to read the new market's needs with contemporary, stylish taste.

Sector Production
COMPONENTSmetal hardware/accessories/zips
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